Curacao Radio Control Cars Drivers Association – CRCCDA

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Organizations such as CURECO, the era of the hobby shops such as Top Hobbies, Brat Packs (later BBT –Big Boys Toys), Turbo Hobbies, Curacao Hobby Center, Monilet, Top 1 Toys, RC Center Curacao.

A short history of the hobby of R/C racing at the (former) track at Saliña

After many years of races on parking lots on almost every suitable place on Curacao an association was founded by a few enthusiasts in May of 1994, which was called CRCCC- Curacao Radio Control Cars Club.

Equipment transport and the necessary licenses to be able to put a more organized whole compared to the training weekends that were a custom.

Contact was made with the various owners of the contending properties.

Once a contract was signed with the owners for the use of that part of the premises for the purpose of holding R/C events for ten years, work started on raising the funds needed to start building the track with its corresponding infrastructures.

The foundation ‘Stichting Bandera di Korsou’ was called into place to see over the construction and thereafter the use of the complex which it would have to become, a complete attractions park, not to forget that at that time the bike crossers were also making use of another part of the premises.

We are already at the end of 1994 when construction of the track surface is completed.

Things were looking rosy for the future of the hobby of R/C racing when slowly but surely the understanding among the various groups started to crumble along the edges and to finally end up with no races at all for surely one and a half years.

This group is able to organize three races that year.

After the first of these last two, it is decided among the active drivers to this time around, and once and for all, to take things in our own hands and to start a drivers organization.

On the 17th of October of that same year, the official instating takes place of the ‘Curacao Radio Control Cars Drivers Association’.

Contact and association with the International organizations like IFMAR and FAMAR will take place to assure us the possibility of participating in international events and once and a while when funds permit to organize, ourselves, an Invitational.

Because of legal battles in court as to who is entitled to tend the place, the situation between the club and those taking care of the place becomes dubious where after the first race of the championship the club accords with the property owners to leave the place, while another caretaker will be looked for.

Two of these are held at the parking lot of ‘Banco the Caribe’ at the Schottegatweg Oost.

Of course this driver having his fair share of competition experience, had a little trouble at first but finally putting the races to his hand rather assuredly.

After this stint with parking lot racing, where it must be mentioned that the surface was very slippery, we had an opening in the possibilities of returning to the Track in Saliña.

But as things went along more and more of the accommodations were being redirected for other purposes, till the day of the last race weekend to finalize the championship, things went terribly wrong.

For the last race the venue would be the big parking lot at Waaigat in downtown.

All in all a success full race and closure of our year 2000 national championship.